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Ajax Click and Script Functions in Loadrunner

The following function emulates the real behavior of Ajax click and script applications in Loadrunner.
Function Name Description ajax_accordion This functions emulates the user extending or collapsing a Menu ajax_autocomplete This functions emulates the auto complete based on the text that we entered. ajax_collapsiblepanel This function emulates the user extending or collapsing some of the fields in the application. ajax_rating This function emulates the user setting a rating of a rating control. ajax_reorderlist

SAP Click and Script Functions in Loadrunner

SAP click and script functions emulates the real behavior of users performing on SAP business process using Loadrunner. VuGen records all the activity that user performed on the SAP application. The following functions are generated during recording.
sap_button Emulates a user click action on SAP application button. sap_check_box It emulates user action performing on SAP GUI check box. sap_drop_down_menu It emulates user action performing on the drop down menu sap_edit_field It emulates that user click on any editable field. sap_iview It emulates SAP Enterprise Portal application iView frame on SAP GUI. sap_list It emulates the use of drop-down menu on multiple SAP GUI list for HTML application. sap_menu It emulates the user navigation on top level menu of SAP GUI. sap_navigation_bar

HP Stomrunner Load – Agile Performance Testing Tool from Loadrunner Team

So you working agile these days, the application developing has become faster and faster day by day and the release periods getting closer and closer with so many involved in development. You needed to be very easy to plan, run and scale your web and mobile performance testing so that any one regardless of his expertise can easily handle the agile testing process.
HP Stomrunner Load enables agile development team to easily test and tune the applications. Stomrunner Load is very simple, and it allow to easily design load test on cloud and identify the performance issues quickly.
You can use your Loadrunner scripts with Stomrunner Load. All you need to do is upload you scripts to Stomrunner Load.
You can try HP Stomrunner Load here..
Check out this video for more on HP Stomrunner Load.

SAP extends its reseller agreement with HP to sell Loadrunner

HP has recently signed a reseller agreement with SAP. On this agreement, SAP will resell all the HP Software testing products such as Loadrunner, UFT etc. SAP is offering all the HP solution under Sap Fortify by HP to identify the bugs/defects/issues that occur during development.
SAP believes that a company will suffer huge losses if there are any business interruptions, security and performance issues during production and it will also affect the brand image of the company. The SAP Fortify by HP products will help to detect the issues before the application goes to production and helps to fix the issues.
Sap Fortify by HP will help in the following areas:
It will help to identify and fix the software defects.It will help to lower the cost of development of software.It will fix the performance issues before application goes to the production.It will help to fix all the security issues in the application.

Web Controller in Loadrunner - A New Feature From Loadrunner 12.02

HP has released a new feature called the Web Controller. The name itself indicates that now you can control your load test from the browser interface and can be accessed through a browser. Now, you can run your load tests from anywhere. It is just like a small HP Performance Center.

You can see some of the screenshots of the Loadrunner Web Controller here.

What are you waiting for... Let's go ahead and install the new version of Loadrunner.

Please note that this has been added in Loadrunner 12.02 as tech preview and not a fully functional component. You can give your feedback in this link.

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Converting Fiddler Session to VuGen Script in Loadrunner

In this tutorial, I will show you how to convert Fiddler session to Loadrunner Script.

Download the fiddler from the following website: You can also download chrome extension of fiddler here.

Click on Install, once you download the Fiddler, as shown in the following images.

Once you install the Fiddler go to Start -> Programs and Search for Fiddler OR go to Internet explorer and click on tools and click on Fiddler.

Once you launch the fidller, click on WinConfig and Click on exempt all and click on save changes.

Now, open the application in the internet explorer. The events will be automatically recorded in fiddler as shown in the following image.

Once the navigation has been completed, click on save sessions.

The file will be saved with .SAZ extension.
Open the vugen, click on File Open->script/solution and select all files as shown in the image. and select the .saz file. 

The vugen will automatically converts .SAZ file to Loadrunner script.

Loadrunner 12.02 Protocol Updates and Changes

HP has released the new version of Loadrunner 12.02. HP team has changed a lot of changes in Loadrunner 12.02. The following protocols are updated with more user friendly features.

Citrix ICA:

Enhanced interactive logging: It will help you to go through the logs easily and help you find the issues quickly.

Text trapping: A new feature has been added for Java application in Citrix Agent.
Letest Version: Now, you can use the latest version of XenDesktop and NetScaler Access Gateway.


There are many Features add to Web protocol

•It supports the latest of Internet explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
•New traffic filtering recording option.
•GWT 2.5 and 2.5.1 Support
•TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 Support

RTE Protocol: Now RTE protocol supports the latest of Windows 8.1, Windows 2012 R2 and IPV6 Support.

Oracle - Web: Now Oracle Web protocol has enhanced correlation rules for Oracle Fusion and Oracle ADF.

Flex: The new Flex protocol supports the latest of Flex and GraniteDS.

Web Services: Now, We…