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Checklist to Follow Before and After the Script Development in Vugen

In order for the vugen scripts to be developed properly. It is better to maintain a checklist and also make sure you meet your internal company standards. If you don’t have one, prepare one as following. Please share in the below comments if you have and add if I miss anything in the checklist. Before start of recording the script make sure you select the proper run time settings. Insert the proper action names and transaction names where and when necessary. Make sure to insert proper comments where and when necessary. All values that need to be correlated must be correlated. Add text checks using web_reg_find or web_find wherever necessary in the script. Make sure all the requests are included in between lr_start_transaction and lr_end_transaction. Make sure that the script runs without any errors and warnings. Make sure you have done all the values that need to be parameterized are parameterized and have selected correct setting in the parameterization settings. Before up