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lr_start_transaction Usage and Dynamic Transactions Generating withExamples

Why do you use lr_start_transaction? It is mainly used to check the response time of a particular request. Enter or, how much time Google or Bing has taken to load the page. How to use lr_start_transaction? lr_start_transaction to be inserted before beginning of a request/transaction, which you need to analyse the request/transaction. Lr_start_transaction and lr_end_transaction are inserted before and after the request. Each lr_start_transaction must have corresponding lr_end_transaction, otherwise vugen will consider as illegal statement. Note: Do not use period(.) in transaction names. Period indicates end of transaction in vugen and analysis. In this following example, lr_start_transaction starts a transaction whose purpose is to measure the response time of (How much time it take to load a page). Example: lr_start_transaction(Loadrunnerz_Home_Page); web_url("Loadrunnerz", "URL=

Lr Convert String Encoding Function Usage in Loadrunner with Examples

lr_convert_string_encoding=convert a string to a different encoding. By using this Loadrunner function we can convert string to following formats Unicode UTF8 System Locale The function saves the result string, including its terminating NULL, in the parameter name. Printable characters in the Output result string are displayed in VuGen and its logs as the actual characters. Non-printable characters are displayed in Hexadecimal. For example: rc = lr_convert_string_encoding("A", NULL, LR_ENC_UTF8, "stringInUnicode"); The output in the vugen string displays as A\x00, and not \x41\x00, because A is a printable character. Add lr_convert_string_encoding is not recorded during recording. We need to insert manually when needed. Script in Vugen: Action() { int rc = 0; //Convert String to Unicode in Loadrunner rc = lr_convert_string_encoding("Hello world", LR_ENC_SYSTEM_LOCALE, LR_ENC_UNICODE, "stringInUnicode"); // Convert Str

List of HP Loadrunner Versions

Loadrunner 12.00(Coming Soon) Loadrunner 11.52  (Current Version) Loadrunner 11.51 Loadrunner 11.5 Loadrunner 11.04 Loadrunner 11.03 Loadrunner 11.02 Loadrunner 11.01 Loadrunner 10 Loadrunner 9.0 Loadrunner 9.10 Loadrunner 9.50 Loadrunner 9.51 Loadrunner 9.52 Loadrunner 8.0 Loadrunner 8.12 Loadrunner 8.13 Loadrunner 8.14 Loadrunner 7.0 Loadrunner 7.02 Loadrunner 7.5 Loadrunner 7.51 Loadrunner 7.6 Loadrunner 6.x Loadrunner 6.10 Loadrunner 5.x Loadrunner 4.x