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Error:Invalid Argument number Loadrunner Issue and Solution

The following solution resolve your Invalid argument Issue. web_url ("Loadrunner Page", "URL=", "TargetFrame=", "TargetBrowser=Loadrunnerz ", "Resource=0", "RecContentType=text/html", "Snapshot=t1.inf", "Mode=HaabcTML", LAST ); Error -27216: Invalid argument (number 8).Invalid argument Loadrunner Issue. This issue occurs when you pass some wrong argument in the request for example in the request the mode should be HTML but you send HaabcTML. Then we will get the error as invalid argument. In Loadrunner 11.5 we have clear error so that we can understand better. web_url("Loadrunner Page", "URL= ", "TargetFrame=", "Resource= 0 ", "RecContentType= text/html ", "Snapshot= t1.inf ", "Mode= HTaaML ", LAST  ); return 0; } Error -27221: Invalid value for the "Mod