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Jmeter Tutorials - One Page for All Your Jmeter Queries

Jmeter - A performance testing open source tool with huge online support. Jmeter is evolving from day to day and it has occupied almost 40 percent of the market share. Jmeter is developed in Java and has a lot of advantages when compare with any other performance testing tools. We can use Jmeter for different types of Testing.  Performance Testing (Mainly), Load Testing, Volume Testing, Stress Testing, Functional Testing and Regression Testing. Some of the advantages of Jmeter are: Jmeter has many features firstly unlimited virtual users that we can simulate. Open source tool with large online community. We can integrate Jmeter with selenium and we can run selenium functional testing scripts with Jmeter. We can integrate different Jmeter plugins with Jmeter according to our requirement and we can also develop plugins in Java for Jmeter. Jmeter supports multiple protocols Web (HTTP/HTML), JDBC, FTP, JMS and LDAP. How to install Jmeter in Your PC: Installing of Jmeter