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Flex Protocol in Loadrunner - Recording | Correlation | Jars | Errors

Overview of Flex Protocol:

What is Flex:
Flex emulates a client and server application method. Flex uses different technologies to develop Rich Internet Applications using Flash Player. Adobe Flex is a powerful framework, using we can develop powerful interactive applications. These flex applications are set of MXML and some other files combinely play the script on the flash player or also called swf files.

Examples: Share market graphs, that change dynamically over the internet. Usually, these type of applications are developed using Adobe Flex.

Recording: We usually record this application with multi protocol web and flex protocol. 

Correlation in Flex Protocol: For regular web functions we use the web_reg_save_param function for correlation. For flex we use lr_xml_get_values and lr_xml_find functions to capture the values from the response. The name itself indicates that we are capturing xml values from the response.

The main value which we do correlation in Flex protocol is DSID.

Once you record the script in Flex protocol search for the DSID in the script, the one which comes first is where the dynamic DSID value generated. Sometimes the script generates DSID multiple times. So, we need be careful while doing correlation.

We need to use lr_xml_get_value function to correlate this value. If you are new to this function, go to response of that request and go through the xml path and find the DSID value in XML path, right click and click on save parameter. It will automatically create lr_xml_get_values.

A typical DSID value looks like this "8129988E-DC65-8CF6-B808-98760876GE98".

Please find the attached screenshot for your reference.

Jar Files in Flex Protocol: You need to use some common jar files for flex protocol in Loadrunner 11.4 and earlier versions. From Loadrunner 11.5 there is no need to use jars. The common jars are.

Flex-messaging-core. jar

Flex-messaging-common. jar
Flex-messaging-opt. jar
Flex-messaging-proxy. jar
Flex-messaging-remoting. jar

Make sure to map the jars in the correct path and upload in the controller. If you do changes to the path make sure they are updated in your run time settings as well. You can also update the jar paths in.usr file in vugen.

Issues and how to fix them: The Java version plays a vital role during the scripting part. Make sure you use the same Java version for all your scripting part and the execution part. If we use different Java version the xml paths will change, validation and the correlations will fail.

How to set Java path and Jars: You can set your Java path and jars in runtime settings of the script.

How to download jar files for Flex: Click Here


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