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How many load generators do we need for Performance Testing

It's one of the regular questions that will be asked as to how many load generators do we need in Loadrunner or any other tool. It depends upon the testing tool that we use and the configuration of our system (Example: CPU, Memory, Operating System etc.). Without knowing the exact load generators sometimes the performance testing results may vary. For example, if we need four load generators instead we ran the test with only two load generators and the load generator machines will get slower and the permance testing results may vary. Recently I have gone through an article where the HP Loadrunner team beautifully explained about how many load generators do we need for our test. We need to follow these steps to calculate how many load generators do we need.  First, we need to record the script and enhance the script to work with multiple users and iterations. Once the script is ready, upload the script to controller and run the script with one user using a few minutes del

How to Monitor a Vugen Script in Sitescope

Hi guys, The HP Sitescope team has explained about how to upload a Vugen script to Sitescope and Monitor the script in Sitescope. Suppose your application is loading slowly and you are not sure where exactly the problem is. Then you can run your script in Sitescope and it will show you where exactly the problem is. Many people do not know that there is an option in the controller as well where it will show the breakdown of the transaction. Hope this video helps you.