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Quality Center Interview Questions and Answers

The following questions will help you to learn about basics of Quality Center and to crack the interview. 1. What is Quality Center? Ans: Quality Center is a quality/test management tool under a proprietary license. 2. What is the starting version of QC and the latest version currently in the market? QC 8.0 is the starting version and currently QC or ALM 12.0 is the latest version. 3. What are the benefits of using Quality Center? Quality center is one of the best test management tools in the market. It has a lot of features and can be accessed through an IE browser.  It has a different set of modules and we can create releases, requirement and its traceability, test plan, test lab, logging defects in defect modules.  Different groups can be created like the BA’s, Developers and testers and it acts as a centralized point of control.  Defect assignment can be easily done in QC and in turn QC itself can generate emails to intimate the responsible person assigned to a par

Do You Know These HTTP Status Codes as a Performance Test Engineer

Knowing the following application response status codes will help you to fix the issues promptly. Always we see these response status codes in performance testing tools Loadrunner, Jmeter and Neoload etc. 200 Status Codes: Most the 200 status codes are success status codes. The server or application has successfully returned the requested page. Sometimes we validate the pages by using these status codes. The function that we use here is web_get_int_property in loadrunner. 300 Status Codes: These Status Codes are re-directional codes. The page has moved to a different address, for example, if you type the page will move to this is redirection. There are two types: 301 redirection: The page you are looking no more exists and it is moved permanently to a different address. 302 Redirection: The page has been moved temporarily to a different address for many reasons like due to maintenance purposes. Due to 301 and 302 redirection sometimes we will not

Loadrunner Vs Jmeter Vs NeoLoad with Table and Differences

Criteria Loadrunner Jmeter NeoLoad Commercial License Yes No (Open Source Tool and has Good Online Community Support) Yes Launched By HP Apache Foundations Neotys/NeoLoad Protocol Coverage It supports more than 30 protocols including enterprise software SAP Focus primarily on HTTP and Java-related protocols (JMS, JDBC).Also supports FTP, LDAP, SOAP. NeoLoad has good support of more than 40 Protocols. It supports enterprise Applications SAP, Oracle Siebel etc. Record and Playback capability Yes Yes Yes Image Based Recognition Yes Yes Yes Text Based Recognition Yes Yes Yes Real Time Test Monitoring Yes Minimum Yes Result Reporting Yes Minimum Support(No GUI Graphs - Need to use