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Loadrunner 11.52 supports Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10

Yes, it true Loadrunner 11.52 supports Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 but there are some limitations.

Windows 8 support is added in service pack 11.52. Loadrunner 11.52 supports Windows 8 x64 systems and Windows 7 x64. It does not support for Windows 8 x86 systems.

Restart is required after installing prerequisite Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Packages. After installing the prerequisites restart the machine before installing the setup.


On a Windows 8 64-bit operating system, VuGen cannot record when creating a script using Citrix and Web in multi-protocol mode. Recording is also not supported for the Oracle Web App 11i protocol. This is because the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 10 is currently unsupported for these modes and protocols. Terminal Emulation (RTE)  scripts cannot be recorded or replayed on Windows 8. The TruClient Ajax - IE protocol is not supported for the Windows 8 operating system.

Text Check

Insert Text check button will not be available on Vugen recording toolbar. It is not supported in windows 8 operating systems  but you can add a text check from snapshot pane after the script is generated.

Insert Text Check functionality is not supported for Web Protocols on the Windows 8 operating system and the relevant button does not appear on the VuGen recording toolbar.


  1. Hi Sam , is there any way that we can do manual correlation in 11.52 . if i am not wrong tree view and win diff options are not there in 11.52. correct me if i am wrong.


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