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How to access license information in loadrunner

License Saved Path in Loadrunner: Log into your machine Go to Start -> Run, and type in regedit to open the Registry Editor. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->Software->Mercury Interactive->Loadrunner-> License 2. This key contain all the information permanent license, temporary license and license history. How to enter License in Loadrunner: 1. Close the Controller 2. Go to Start -> Programs -> LoadRunner -> LoadRunner -> Configuration 3. Click on the "License" menu 4. Click on "New License" and type in the new license key 5. Click <OK>, and <Close> to close the window 6. Bring up the Controller again. To see the current license being used by the Controller, and to see other license related information like Expiration dates, monitors purchased, and the number and type of Vusers, do the following: 1. Close the Controller 2. Go to Start -> Programs -> HP LoadRunner -> LoadRunner 3. Click on Configurati

Error:Invalid Argument number Loadrunner Issue and Solution

The following solution resolve your Invalid argument Issue. web_url ("Loadrunner Page", "URL=", "TargetFrame=", "TargetBrowser=Loadrunnerz ", "Resource=0", "RecContentType=text/html", "Snapshot=t1.inf", "Mode=HaabcTML", LAST ); Error -27216: Invalid argument (number 8).Invalid argument Loadrunner Issue. This issue occurs when you pass some wrong argument in the request for example in the request the mode should be HTML but you send HaabcTML. Then we will get the error as invalid argument. In Loadrunner 11.5 we have clear error so that we can understand better. web_url("Loadrunner Page", "URL= ", "TargetFrame=", "Resource= 0 ", "RecContentType= text/html ", "Snapshot= t1.inf ", "Mode= HTaaML ", LAST  ); return 0; } Error -27221: Invalid value for the "Mod

How to Resolve Restart Vugen Issue in Loadrunner

How to recover from the following Vugen Restart issue in loadrunner. Vugen has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Vugen will try to recover any unsaved data you were working on. Restart Vugen Please tell HP about this problem. We have created an error report that you can send to help us improve Vugen. We treat this report as confidential and anonymous. Selecting any option during the error popup the vugen will crash. Sometimes you can recover from the crash. Open the temp folder (Go to Start ->Right click and click on explore ->Local Setting->Temp) in your system and find out the script name started with noname and the date and time recently recorded. Open the script and goto Tools -> click on Regenerate the script. The script will be regenerated. If the above option did not work try the below option. Go to Windows Start -> and click on “Run” Type “Regedit” and enter. Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE

What is the Difference Between Thread and Process

Process and threads are independent of each other. Threads share the resources effectively when compared with the process. In Loadrunner we have two options: Go to Runtime Settings->Miscellaneous -> Multithreading Run Vuser as a process Run Vuser as a thread Go through the below links and videos to better understand the difference between process and thread. Multithreading in Windows Multithreading in C and Win32 Multihreading by Java9s  Multithreading by JavaVids

Performance Testing on IBM Websphere using Loadrunner MQ Series

I n this article I will show you how to work with Performance Testing on IBM Websphere. We use MQ Series protocol in Loadrunner 11.5x and the various options and softwares required to work with MQ Series Protocol. Follow the below steps to work with MQ Series: Install WebSphere MQ Version 5.3 or higher and this can be downloaded from IBM Website Install MQ Tester from Loadrruner Software Additional Components Folder. We have two options Vugen or Controller or Full Setup. After the installation completes, we will have two new protocols MQ Series Client and MQ Series Server. We can do scriprting using these protocols. The current version of MQTester is MQTSv3.4.1

lr_continue_on_error function and its usage in Loadrunner

In Vugen if an error is detected the vugen automatically stops the execution. But sometimes the script need to be continued even if the script fails. This can be achieved in the following way. By using  Run-Tiime Settings: Go to Vuser -> Run Time Settings -> Miscellaneous. In Miscellaneous go to Error Handling and select Continue on Error. These setting applies to all the script including vuser_init and vuser_end. By Using  lr_continue_on_error: By using  lr_continue_on_error  function we can include a portion of the script instead of whole script. We need to enclose the requests that we are getting error in between lr_continue_on_error(1) and lr_continue_on_error(0) lr_continue_on_error(1); web_url("Google", "URL=", "TargetFrame=", "TargetBrowser=Google ", "Resource=0", "RecContentType=text/html", "Snapshot=t1.inf", "Mode=HTML", LAST ); lr_continue_on_error(

Loadrunner 11.52 supports Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10

Yes, it true L oadrunner 11.52   supports   Windows 8   and Internet Explorer 10 but there are some limitations. Windows 8 support is added in service pack 11.52. Loadrunner 11.52 supports Windows 8 x64 systems and Windows 7 x64. It does not support for Windows 8 x86 systems. Restart is required after installing prerequisite Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Packages. After installing the prerequisites restart the machine before installing the setup. Limitations On a Windows 8 64-bit operating system, VuGen cannot record when creating a script using Citrix and Web in multi-protocol mode. Recording is also not supported for the Oracle Web App 11i protocol. This is because the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 10 is currently unsupported for these modes and protocols. Terminal Emulation (RTE)  scripts cannot be recorded or replayed on Windows 8. The TruClient Ajax - IE protocol is not supported for the Windows 8 operating system. Text Check Insert Text

Web_find and web_image_check function example and Usage

Web_find and Web_Image_check function are used to find the specified text in the response of the HTML page. This function is only support in HTTP/HTML protocol based script. You should need to make sure that do the following changes in the run time settings before you use these two functions. Go to Vuser -> Run-time Settings Go to internet Protocol -> Preferences Select the “Enable Image and Text Check” check box. Web_find and web_image_check  will throw an error if the text or image does not found in the response. For example if you want to set error when some text found. Then use the following example. Example: web_reg_find("Text=404", "Fail=Found", LAST); If you do not want to throw an error regardless of the condition then use web_reg_save_param function with "Notfound=warning" option. Example: web_reg_save_param("NameCheck", "LB=Hi", "RB=Welcome to Loadrunner","Notfound=warning", LAST)

Browser Not Launching During Recording Using Loadrunner

Loadrunner or Vugen not Launching in Internet Explorer (IE)? Your loadrunner not launching the Internet Explorer? Check out the following options. Check your loadrunner software is compatible with the current version of Internet Explorer. Close all the browsers before you record any application. Check in the Task Manager  and see if browser process (iexplorer.exe) is running before start of recording. It should be running. Sometimes killing explorer.exe and start recording.(it sometime helps). Completely disable the DEP from windows as shown in the following figure. Follow this link to disable DEP completely . Do you have all the administrative privileges if not atleast try to use “Run as Administrator” if you are using windows 7 or any new version. Have you installed antivirus in your system. Some DLL files might be stopping the vugen to open the browser. Use Process Explorer Software and try to see if any dlls are stopping the browser. If possible disable the antivirus com

Java Over HTTP Issue - Source Directory or File Does Not Exist

The issue happens when you record the application using java over http protocol. It is a bug in the loadrunner and the HP team fixed the issue with the following solution  there is also a patch which you need to download. If you have HP Passport access, please go through below link. Error: C:\Documents and settings\noname)\ LocalSettings\Temp\noname10\ data\ to C:\Documents and settings\no nameLocalSettings\Temp\noname10\ data\ directory or file does not exist). File not found '<Temp>\<Script>\data\' File not found '<Temp>\<Script>\data\' File not found '<Temp>\<Script>\data\' Or: Failed to copy the file C:\<Path to script>\data\ to C:\<Path to script>\ Failed to copy the file C:\<Path to script>\data\ to C:\<

How to Download Jar Files for Flex, Java and Java Over HTTP Protocols

How to get jar files of an application to use with Loadrunner specially for following loadrnner protocols Flex, Web(HTTP/HTML) Java Over HTTP Java Protocols If your application uses any jar files, you need to find the relevant .jar  files and enable  them in the classpath. To locate the relevant .jar files:Clear the JAR cache by selecting Control Panel > Java > General Tab >Temporary Internet Files > Settings > Delete Files. Open your application and perform a few business processes to repopulate the JAR cache with .jar files from your application. When you are finished, close your application Select Control Panel > Java > General Tab > Temporary Internet Files > View. This lists the JAR cache and should only contain the .jar files used by your application. Download the files. Try the options in the order in which they appear. When you succeed, proceed to the next step to Add the .jar files to the classpath. Option 1: For each .jar file, go to