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What's New in LoadRunner Service Pack 11.52

The following sections describe the latest enhancements.

Improved Performance in VuGen

There are performance improvements in the following areas of VuGen:
  • Opening, removing, closing, and working with multiple scripts
  • Replaying scripts
  • Working with ALM: uploading, compiling, and replaying scripts.
  • Using the Step Navigator
  • Web snapshots
  • Opening VuGen
Improved Performance in Analysis

There are performance improvements in the following areas of Analysis:
  • Loading test results when an SQLite database is selected
  • Generating rich reports (in particular, reports for large results of over 1000 transactions)
  • Statistic calculation in Analysis APIs
  • Starting Analysis
Shunra™ Network Virtualization Enhancements

The latest Shunra network virtualization offers the following enhancements:
  • Improved integration with Shunra Network Virtualization, enabling you to perform network virtualization per Vuser group, and to define multiple locations per load generator.
  • New Monitoring and Analysis network virtualization graphs.
  • Added support for shared or non-shared bandwidth that simulate mobile networks.
Note: If you upgrade to LoadRunner 11.52, and you use a release of Shunra prior to Shunra NV 8.6, you will need to upgrade to the latest Shunra NV software.

Support for NUnit, JUnit, and some Java-based Browser Automation Tests
  • You can now load an NUnit, JUnit, or some Java-based browser automation tests when you create a new scenario in the Controller.
  • NUnit, JUnit, or some Java-based browser automation tests can be executed in a scenario in a similar manner to regular VuGen scripts. Note: This feature requires Developer Virtual User licenses.
Integration with HP Live Network (HPLN)

A new feature that enables you to download and upload content to HPLN.
  • From the VuGen user interface, you can download Function/Action files, Data Format Extension files, and Correlation Rules from HPLN. Downloaded files can then be integrated into VuGen.
  • From the VuGen user interface, you can open the HPLN portal and then upload Function/Action files, Data Format Extension files, and Correlation Rules to HPLN.
Virtual Table Server (VTS) Utility

A Web based add-in installed on a standalone server that enables you to:
  • Work with Vuser scripts offering an alternative to standard LoadRunner parameterization.
  • Assign parameter values from a single set of parameter values to multiple Vusers.
  • Import parameter values into a tabular format. Your Vuser scripts can use these parameter values.
  • Manage test data from a single server.
  • The new VTS APIs are compatible with the previous version of VTS. Small changes to legacy scripts may be required.
For more information on add-ins, see the Installing Additional Components section of the LoadRunner Installation Guide.

IPv6 Enhancement
  • Webtrace: IPv6 support monitors for Linux have been added for ICMP, TCP, and UDP.
Visual Studio 2010 and Eclipse Add-ins for Developers

Add-ins that enables you to:
  • Create unit tests from your standard development environment.
  • Use the LoadRunner API to create unit tests that can be incorporated directly into a scenario.
  • Run tests directly from Visual Studio 2010 or Eclipse Juno version 4.2, emulating execution from the LoadRunner Controller.
Jenkins Continuous Integration

A Jenkins plug-in has been added that enables you to trigger a LoadRunner scenario as a build step, and present its results in the Jenkins Results dashboard. Full download, documentation and support for this plug-in is available at

Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 Support

Support added for Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.

Google Chrome Support

Chrome support for the Web HTTP/HTML protocol has been added for recording, and additional browser emulation features during script replay.

Recording Through a Proxy

You can now record scripts using a LoadRunner proxy. This is relevant primarily for instances where you cannot install VuGen on the client machine, such as Linux and MAC OS machines, and mobile devices. The VuGen machine acts as a proxy server capturing all traffic from the client machine to the target server.

Additional Linux Distributions

The Load Generator can now be installed on the following Linux distributions:

Linux DistributionSupported VersionArchitectureSupported from
Red Hat Enterprise Linux5.0/6.0x869.x onwards
Red Hat Enterprise Linux5.0/6.0x6411.52
Oracle Enterprise Linux 32-bit5.0 RH, 6.0 RH, 6.0 UEKx8611.52
Oracle Enterprise Linux 64-bit5.0 RH, 6.0 RH, 6.0 UEKx6411.52
Ubuntu Server10.04 LTS/12.04 LTSx86/x6411.52
Amazon Linux Image2012.03 or laterx86/x6411.52

  • Support for the following protocols on a Load Generator installed on Linux:

    • Web - HTTP/HTML (also supported on SP1)
    • Mobile Applications - HTTP/HTML (also supported on SP1)
    • SAP - Web (also supported on SP1)
    • C Vuser
    • Oracle - 2 Tier
    • Oracle NCA
    • Oracle - Web App 11i

  • An improved Linux Load Generator installer
Improved VuGen Usability and Functionality
  • The Replay Summary Report now displays detailed statistics. For example, information on the connections, content types and response codes.
  • An improved Run-time settings user interface.
  • VuGen now integrates with Eclipse, enabling you to edit, debug and replay Java-based scripts in Eclipse.
Protocol Enhancements

The following protocol enhancements have been added:

  • Data Format Extension (DFE) enhancements:

    • The documentation for DFE has been significantly enhanced.
    • The DFE user interface has been redesigned.

  • Java 1.7: Support has been added for Java 1.7.
  • PeopleSoft 9.1: Support has been added for PeopleSoft 9.1.
  • RDP protocol has been enhanced and now supports:

    • A 64-bit agent
    • Server machines with Windows 8
    • RDP 8.0: Support recording with Windows 7 and MSTSC 6.2
    • Secure authentication - Support for network level authentication during script replay
  • Flex: LCDS jars are now automatically included.
  • Citrix: The Citrix Agent is now supported on a XenDesktop environment.
  • Oracle NCA protocol has been enhanced and now supports correlation scans and Design Studio in VuGen.
  • Web Transport protocols enhanced browser support

    • In Run-Time settings, Browser Emulation support for Internet Explorer 10
    • Replay support for Internet Explorer 10, even when a proxy server is used
    • Supports web_js API functions for Web Vusers on Linux
    • Using the proxy recording feature, you can record a Web HTTP/HTML script on machines where it is not possible to load VuGen, for example on a Linux machine or a mobile device.

  • Mobile Application recording has been enhanced as follows:

    • Ability to create a script using the LoadRunner Proxy recording feature. The VuGen machine acts as a proxy server capturing all the traffic between the mobile device and a target server.
    • The LoadRunner Mobile Recorder application lets you record a capture file on your mobile device.
    • A new user guide describes how to select a recording method for mobile applications.
    • The following devices have been tested with LoadRunner: Samsung Galaxy S I, S II, and S III and Tablet 10.2 with the Android 4.0.0 and higher operating system. Device support may vary by manufacturer and carrier.

Controller enhancements include:
  • LoadRunner can be configured to use a round-robin method to ramp up the groups between all of the load generators.


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