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Web Functions in Loadrunner with Examples - Web Protocol in Loadrunner

Function Name Description
web_add_auto_filter Sets criteria to include or exclude URLs when downloading
web_add_auto_header Adds a customized header to all subsequent HTTP requests.
web_add_cookie Adds a new cookie or modifies an existing one.
web_add_cookie_ex Adds a cookie with specified add behavior.
web_add_filter Sets criteria to include or exclude URLs when downloading.
web_add_header Adds a customized header to the next HTTP request.
web_cache_cleanup Cleans the content of the cache simulator.
web_cleanup_auto_headers Removes all previous customized headers from HTTP requests.
web_cleanup_cookies Removes all cookies currently stored by the Vuser.
web_concurrent_end Marks the end of a concurrent group.
web_concurrent_start Marks the beginning of a concurrent group.
web_convert_date_param Converts a date string stored in a parameter to a different format.
web_convert_from_formatted Converts a string created with one or more data format extensions back to the source format.
web_convert_param Converts an HTML parameter to a URL or text.
web_convert_to_formatted Formats data using one or more data format extensions.
web_custom_request Allows you to create a custom HTTP request with any method supported by HTTP.
web_disable_keep_alive Disables Keep-Alive HTTP connections.
web_dump_cache Save the Vuser cache to a file.
web_enable_keep_alive Enables Keep-Alive HTTP connections.
web_find Searches inside an HTML page for a specified text string.
web_get_int_property Returns specific information about the previous HTTP request.
web_global_verification Searches for text string in all subsequent requests.
web_global_verification_pause Suspends the specified checks set by web_global_verification.
web_global_verification_resume Resumes the specified checks suspended by web_global_pause.
web_image Emulates a mouse click on the image defined by the attributes.
web_image_check Verifies the presence of a specified image inside an HTML page.
web_load_cache Load the Vuser cache from a file.
web_link Emulates a mouse click on the link that is defined by the attributes.
web_reg_add_cookie Registers a search for a text string and adds a cookie if the text is found.
web_reg_cross_step_download Registers a request to continue processing script steps without waiting for the server to terminate the response.
web_reg_find Registers a search for a text string for the next Action function.
web_reg_save_param Deprecated: Use web_reg_save_param_ex or web_reg_save_param_xpath.Saves dynamic data from an HTML page to a parameter.
web_reg_save_param_ex Registers a request to save dynamic data located between specified boundaries to a parameter.
web_reg_save_param_regexp Registers a request to save dynamic data that matches a regular expression to a parameter..
web_reg_save_param_xpath Registers a request to find dynamic data in an HTML buffer that has been formatted as XML and save the data to a parameter.
web_remove_auto_filter Removes a filter on download content.
web_remove_auto_header Stops adding a specific header to subsequent HTTP requests.
web_remove_cookie Removes the specified cookie.
web_report_data_point Specifies a data point and adds it to the test results.
web_revert_auto_header Stops adding a specific header to subsequent HTTP requests, but generates Implicit headers.
web_save_header Saves request and response headers to a variable.
web_save_param_length Saves the length of a parameter.
web_save_timestamp_param Saves the current timestamp.
web_set_certificate Causes a script to use a specific certificate that is listed in the Internet Explorer registry.
web_set_certificate_ex Specifies location and format information of a certificate and key file.
web_set_max_html_param_len Sets the maximum length of retrieved dynamic HTML information.
web_set_max_retries Sets the maximum number of retries for an Action step.
web_set_option Sets a Web option.
web_set_proxy Specifies that all subsequent HTTP requests be directed to the specified proxy server.
web_set_proxy_bypass Specifies the list of URLs that scripts access directly, i.e., not via the specified proxy server.
web_set_proxy_bypass_local Specifies whether or not the proxy server should bypass local addresses.
web_set_secure_proxy Specifies that all secure HTTP requests be directed to the specified secure proxy server.
web_sjis_to_euc_param Converts an SJIS string to EUC and assigns it to a parameter.
web_set_sockets_option Sets an option for secure sockets.
web_set_timeout Specifies the maximum amount of time that a script waits for a specified operation to be performed.
web_set_user Specifies a login string for a Web server.
web_submit_data Performs an "unconditional" or "contextless" form submission.
web_submit_form Performs a POST request; submits forms.
web_switch_net_layer Specifies a network layer for replay. (WAP only)
web_url Performs a GET request; receives pages or images.


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